For some time now we have been collecting for 3 local charities and thought that some of you may want to help us.
Fistly plastic bottle tops – these are taken to the local representative of Guide Dogs for the Blind and then sold to raise funds. Secondly any clothes, shoes, toiletries to help with the Women’s refuge in Blackpool. These ladies often have to leave a vulnerable situation with only the clothes that they are wearing so literally anything is going to be useful to them. One of our patients is a volunteer and regularly comes to collect the bags that we have had donated. The generosity of people is wonderful and will be much appreciated. Finally any gents clothing, shoes, toiletries etc are taken to the homeless shelter in Blackpool and distributed to those in need sleeping on the streets or in hostels.
If you can help in any way it would be great – just drop anything off in the office or give us a call on 01253 882051